About Woodbridge Day Nursery

(Formerly Kyzone Kidz)

September 2021 is the beginning of a new chapter for all of us

We are very excited to be given the opportunity to offer full day care for children in central Woodbridge and surrounding areas.

As a team we have many years of experience and knowledge, we pride ourselves on knowing the children in our care extremely well and using our bonds with them to help them reach their full potential, each child is assigned a key worker within their first two weeks with us, we like the children to get to know us all first and their key worker will be the staff member that your child has bonded with the most.

Freedom to play

We encourage mainly free play within our sessions, this includes access to our outside space, we have a different planned activity within each area every day and we plan our activities using what the children in our care are interested in and what we know they need to learn or experience.

Our main focus is helping children develop their Personal, social and emotional development, learning to share, becoming more confident and independent, discovering empathy, developing resilience and most importantly learning to develop friendships, to be happy and to have lots and lots of fun !!

Our areas of learning at Woodbridge Day Nursery

Literacy, writing and phonics

Science and investigation

Home corner

Reading and cosy corner


Nature garden

Small world area


Sensory, sand and water

Art and design

Large outdoor play area

We use Tapestry for the children’s learning journeys

Tapestry is an online platform for us to use pictures and observations of what the children have been doing to assess their development, this is available for Parents to see and also to add to themselves, we love to know what the children have been doing at home and to know places they have been or family gatherings/celebrations they have had, this allows us to create great conversations with the children about their home experiences, Tapestry is also a brilliant way to see what the children’s next steps and observations need to be to help them develop further.