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For breakfast we will be serving things like cereal, fresh fruit, toast, croissants and crumpets.

Morning and afternoon Pre school children will be offered a snack mid morning or mid afternoon which will consist of things like fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, and dried fruits.

At Lunch time your child could bring their own packed lunch or they could enjoy a two course hot lunch with options such as – macaroni cheese, homemade pizza, cottage pie, chocolate crunch and custard and jelly and fruit salad (£2 per day supplement)

A light tea will be served at 4.30pm for children that are with us in the evenings, this will include things such as toasted sandwiches, chicken wraps, soup and homemade bread and a sweet treat of some kind.

Term Dates

We will now be open 52 weeks per year which means your child could either attend term time only (38 weeks per year) or the full 52 weeks, you are more than welcome to take advantage of the stretched offer which would mean using your 15 or 30 hour entitlement and spreading it across the whole year – please see Kerry for further details.

We will be closed on Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, any invoices will be amended accordingly.

Session charges

All invoices for fee paying children will be sent out by email around the 1st of each month (for that month) and will need to paid by bank transfer or within two weeks, please give us 4 weeks notice if you wish to cancel any sessions for holidays/special occasions etc without being charged.

Early bird session 7.30am – 8 am£2
Breakfast session 8 am – 9 am – includes breakfast£4.75
Morning pre school session 9 am – 12 pm – includes snack£14.25
(free if using funding hours)
Lunch hour session – 12 pm – 1 pm
packed lunch £4.75
2 course hot lunch £6.75
Afternoon pre school session 12 pm – 3 pm – packed lunch
£14.25 (free if using funding hours)
2 course hot lunch £16.25 (£2 if using funding hours)
3 pm – 4 pm£4.75
4 pm – 5 pm£4.75 – includes light tea
5 pm – 6 pm£4.75

FULL DAY OFFER – 7.30 am – 6.00 pm  £45.00 with packed lunch  or £47.00 with a two course hot lunch.

Please get in touch if you have any questions