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Nurseries News Round-Up – Summer Fun Week 2

The summer break is here – but that doesn’t mean the Golden Apples Family fun has to end. Stay tuned for news and top tips and summer activities!


The Cornerstone, Martlesham

And just like that… Graduation Day came and went! We hope both our parents and children all had the best time. And we wish you all a bright and prosperous future!


We were also very excited to receive this lovely card from the Queen to say thank you for the pictures we sent her for her Jubilee celebrations.

The pre-schoolers, who drew the pictures, were amazed by the card. We will now frame it to keep it safe!


Bluebell, Eltisley

We’re going to do our very own recycling book bank!

We’ve put out a grey box with some books in - and if a child would like a book, they must bring one of their own books in to exchange.

Let’s get swapping!


The Appletree, Attleborough

Check out our wonderful school leavers! We’re enormously grateful to Selene Star Photography for her creativity and helping the children have lots of fun taking these photos!

We’re so proud of all of their achievements!


Head Start, Ramsey

Summer holidays are here – so at Head Start for the next few weeks we will be talking about holidays, travel, transport and where the children are going – or have been.

This week the children enjoyed our book of the week – Dinosaur Beach.

We walked to the park where we enjoyed a delicious picnic!

10 Things To Try This Summer!

With the nurseries quieting down over the summer, the weekly Golden Apples Family Nurseries News Round-up will be bringing you top tips on things to do with the kids over August and early September.


1. Go to the local library

2. Go on a bus/train ride

3. Have a water bomb fight

4. Cream pie friends

5. Run under a water sprinkler

6. Go sand dune jumping

7. Watch a full sunset

8. Watch a full sunrise

9. Make a bee bath and watch the bees

10. Try to catch a butterfly


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