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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 27

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


The Cornerstone, Martlesham

The pre-schoolers were busy recently, making Halloween handprints and baking cakes.

Baking and cooking develops a child's ability to read, measure, follow directions, collaborate with others, listen and problem-solve.


The Beacon, Rendlesham

We absolutely love to see the children explore through play – and our amazing activities created plenty to talk about afterwards!

Among the activities that our babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers explored were building volcanoes, painting trees and developing fantastic farmland.

Wonderful work, guys!


The Appletree, Attleborough

Bramley Room got stuck in to making play-dough. First, we discussed what kinds of ingredients we might need, then we went into the kitchen and had a look at them. We had a vote and decided on red – Spider-Man red, of course!

The kids all sat very patiently and listened to Sarah talking about kitchen safety before they took it in turns to pour in the ingredients and stir the mixture.

We predicted the mixture might be pink as we watched it cooking on the hob and we were very pleased with the result.

Well done, everyone – a super team effort with lots of cooperation, respect for each other and, of course, lots of excitement with the finished product!

You can try our really simple recipe at home or find an easy play-dough recipe here:


Head Start, Ramsey

The children enjoyed exploring leaves, conkers, gourds and munchkins (baby pumpkins as the children call them).

We’ve been talking about what we find outside on the ground at this time of year. We spoke about the weather changing, leaves falling from trees and how we call this time of year Autumn.

We looked at different types of leaves and pumpkins, their shapes, sizes and colours.

We also explored conkers, where they come from, and cracked them open to see what's inside. We even painted our own pumpkins in the garden.


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