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Woodbridge Day Nursery


0 months - 24 Months

A calming, natural, safe environment for our youngest children to start their learning journey. The beautiful room gives a relaxing and homely feel for the children to start their physical and emotional development with us

24 months - 36 months

Here all the children have an opportunity to play  with our endless natural resources  that unlock their creative skills, as  they become more independent and curious.

36 months - 60 months

Our preschoolers are supported for school readiness by embracing a wide range of quality resources and equipment that promote all areas of the EYFS including maths and literacy 
maths and literacy are embedded in everyday routines that provide endless opportunities for letter and number recognition

Chestnuts (afterschool and holiday club) 
60 months +

The after school club offers a wide range of themed activities to spark interest and wonder for this very lively group of children as well as promote interaction and social skills .


Our outside space is our children’s favorite part of the nursery. We encourage children to help within our allotment, so they can start to understand and learn about the growing process. 

All children can dig and explore the grounds around them as well as preserving the area around them.

The children enjoy to see what is in the bird and hedgehog boxes, and other wildlife habitats in the garden.  The endless play with natural resources enables the children to go with their imagination where everything is possible. 

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